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“So…let me get this straight.”
“There’s nothing straight about this, boy.”
“Ok, well then, let me see if I can make this clear.”
“Go on.”
“So this job of cleaning your house naked was actually an interview?”
“And you want me to move out of my shitty apartment in to your awesome house and be your houseboy and poolboy?”
“And when I finish my degree in massage therapy, you’re going to probably expect me to massage your impossibly-hot-for-48-year-old-body out by the pool?”
“And you want access to my cock and want me to fuck you when you demand it? and will sometimes fuck me in return?”
“Of course. It is a long, beautiful uncut cock, I intend to enjoy it.”
“Uh ok, just…clarifying a few things.”
“Any other questions, boy?”
“….Uh, yeah, when can I start, Sir?”

Text is fictional.


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