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“Come up!" 

Pierre sat on the edge of the bed and stretched. Then, he heard a click. Then another click. He turned and looked at the window, and saw a pebble bounce off of it.

He jumped up and peered out. Lucas was standing on the sidewalk below. Pierre opened the windows. "Good morning Lucas! Nice to see you, but what are you doing here so early? You have class today don’t you?”
“I do but – I just wanted to see you. I was hoping we could make love before school started?”
“Shhh!” Pierre laughed. “The whole street can hear you.”
“I don’t care,” he said back with a smile. “I’m mad about you. Can’t stop thinking about you. Every curve of your naked body fills my dreams, I see your smile when I blink, and I yearn for the warmth of your skin when you’re not here. I woke up this morning craving you.”
“Awww….Lucas!” Pierre blushed a bright red. “That’s- that’s just so sweet. But, love, people can hear you, sshh.” Some strangers on the sidewalk had stopped to see what was going on.
Lucas didn’t seem to care. “Please allow me to see you this morning? To make love to you so I can pretend we live together and I am greeting you with the sun?”
Pierre couldn’t shake the goofy smile on his face. Even if his entire block was getting an earful of this, he still loved dating a top that was also a romantic. “Oh for goodness sake.”
“Come on down, Pierre.”
“I’m not wearing clothes,” he admitted.
Lucas laughed. “Now who cares what the neighbors think?”
“Well, they’re gonna hear us soon anyway! Come up, my bed is still warm.”
Lucas made a noise of victory and ran up the stairs after Pierre let him in.

Once back in the room, he wasted no time kissing the lad and letting his hands roam over his Pierre’s nude body. He was still warm from sleep, and Lucas wanted in him immediately. Lucas cupped Pierre’s low sac in his hands, massaging and pulling while he kissed his mouth. He manipulated and teased the boy until he’d forgotten all about those people gossiping on the sidewalk.
“Bed, Lucas, please,” he gasped.
Lucas tore off his clothes in a hurry and pulled Pierre back into his own bed. He ignored his own cock, more fascinated Pierre’s own. He parted the boy’s legs and put his tongue to work, lapping at the swollen skin and pulling each testicle in his mouth. Pierre was soon moaning and wrapping his legs around Lucas’s head. He pushed the tip of his cock through Lucas’s lips and thrust his hips forward, desperate for the sensation. Lucas put his hands on Pierre’s thighs and held him still as he suckled, getting him nice and randy while he slid a finger between the cleft of his buttocks.

Lucas parted his lover like a flower opening its petals, sliding two digits into his interior with just enough oil for it to not be too slick. Pierre cooed and swore at the wonderful sensation rippling outward. “Oh Lucas!”
“Shh shh…” Lucas lapped at the fluid beading on the head of Pierre’s little fat cock.
“Enter me,” Pierre pleaded.
“Not yet.” Lucas took his time to enter two more fingers and work them to stretch his lover.
When Pierre warned Lucas he might shoot at any moment, the fingers and lips withdrew. Pierre unbraided his legs and let Lucas pull himself. He dipped his head to kiss Pierre, then lifted his legs and pushed the tip of his cock into his body.
Pierre gasped and clutched the bedsheets.
“Relax sweetheart,” Lucas murmured. Pierre tried, but Lucas was misreading the situation – he wasn’t tensing because it was painful but because it felt so good to be full that he tried to clamp down as hard as he could. A reassuring hand massaging his stomach got Pierre to relax, and Lucas pushed the rest of his cock in. Despite the early morning hour, he was already sweating from the effort. 
“God I needed this, I needed this so badly. You’re the antidote to my insanity, Pierre.”
“Lucas, you will always be a little crazy, but I love you anyway.”
Lucas chuckle and kissed him. “Can I move now?”
Pierre nodded.
Lucas kept his thighs up and watched himself disappear in and out of that perfect lily white ass. “Yes… yes…oh god, Pierre, you feel fantastic. You needed this as much as I did.”
“Be quiet and fuck me,” Pierre demanded, in one of his rare bossy moments.
Lucas felt a growl of possession rise up in him. ‘Yes sir.“ Their lovemaking took an intense turn and Lucas took Pierre as hard as he could, pushing the boy up the bed and into the nest of pillows. Both ignored the open window, allowing their cries to spill out to shocked passerbys. Their fornication seemed to go on for hours, and even the most puritanical pedestrians had to wonder if there was something special about heathen sex.

Lucas demanded Pierre stroke himself, and his eyes darkened as he watched his lover pleasure himself as he stimulated him from inside. "Good boy… you are so beautiful Pierre.”
Pierre blinked at him, his eyes wet. “I’m going to cum!”
“Come with me!”

Their lips met at the same time as they peaked, spilling their cries of passion down eachother’s throats. Lucas dug his toes into the bed and emptied his seed into Pierre’s tight velvet passage. He moaned deeply as the climax came in deep, throbbing waves. Pierre whimpered as the tingly sensation in his balls became a knot in his stomach, then the whole thing turned inside out and suddenly his belly was splattered in cum.

They rested there, locked together, until both of their cocks were soft and spent, but even then Lucas didn’t want to pull out. He wished to stay in Pierre forever, and Pierre felt the same. They were panting hard, flushed and pink.
“Oh Pierre…” Lucas murmured. “Oh my sweet Pierre…god, you just unravel me.”
“You were right Lucas, there are few better ways to greet the day than being thoroughly taken.”’
He snickered. “It does feel good doesn’t it?”
“Mmnn…but you know, I never cared for this type of penetration until you.”
Pierre yawned. “Yes. Something about you…makes me just fly.”
Lucas gave him a fond look. “Oh Pierre, keep talking like that and I will have to marry you.”
He raised his head. “We can’t marry, the church won’t allow it.”
“Oh fuck the church!”
Pierre gasped.
“God created us in his image right? Then God must have put us on this course. If the church won’t recognize love, then that’s their own fault.”
“Lucas, when did you get so bold?”
“When I fell in love with you,” he admitted.
Pierre knew he could be won over with pretty words. He smiled. “Well if you want to marry me, do the proper thing and give me a ring.”
“Can I put it on your cock?” Lucas asked.
Pierre threw his head back and laughed. “Oh you and your ideas!”
“One for your finger and your cock then?”
Pierre playfully punched him in the shoulder. “Can you afford that?”
“I’ll make them out of bread.”

That sent Pierre rolling again. They continued laughing and touching for the next half hour, until grumbling stomachs and their ripen scents caught their attention. A bath and homemade breakfast capped off the morning. Lucas showed up to class exactly one minute late, a very smug look on his face.

Text is fictional.


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