Whored Out by Master


There was a time I was a 24/7 slave to a Master.  It was both a fantastic and not-so-fantastic experience.  However, I am happy that I got to experience it.

I was told to tell some of my experiences .. and, I have told them on my old Blogger which has since been deleted.  Some of you who knew me back then will be familiar with these adventures.  And bear with me if they don’t quite sound the same as, being an old fart, as time and my memory have obscured some detail.

When I was being considered as a slave by this Master he interviewed me in depth, viewed my blogs and my xtube and took my desires to heart. One of the things that I had always wanted was to be whored out.  For me, it was the ultimate submission … told be told by my Master that I was required to have sex with someone regardless that I knew him or not, that I was attracted to him or not and regardless as to my feelings in general.  ”This is the man you are going to serve.”

While living as a 24/7 I was never to wear clothing, just my slave gear (cuffs, collar, chastity device) unless I was to good outside for laundry, garbage, shopping, etc.  Then I was to be shirtless.

There was a friend and neighbor of my Master who knew of His status and my status.  One day, this man, Mike, knocked on the door.  As always, I was required to answer the door in my slave attire.  Mike asked to speak with my Master.  I let him in and went back to the kitchen to finish preparing dinner.

Several minutes later, I let Mike out and served Master dinner. While I was cleaning the kitchen Master announces, “Mike is coming over later to fuck you. You should go get ready.”  I was shocked and scared and weirded out even though it is something I had always wanted.

When Mike came over, they discussed price.  Master turned to me and said “You’d better do a good job.  I want extra cash for when we go to Vegas.”  The price would be dependent on my performance as a whore.

We went to what Master called the “slave bedroom.”  The Master bedroom was reserved just for Him and I.  Any group activities or other slaves he brought home were played with in the other room.  Mike fucked me ravenously hard and deep several times using up 4 condoms in the process.  Master kept coming in to check on my performance or curious about a particularly loud moan, groan or yelp from me.

Afterwards, I was made to kneel at Master’s feet as money changed hands.  After Mike left Master said, “You did good. Now I am going to give you your reward.”  He unzipped his pants and proceeded to fuck my face til he blew his load down my throat.

After that night, Mike came over every Monday morning for a fuck on his way to work and paid Master every time.

Even though I am much older and a bit larger than I was then, I still have this desire.  Why? I have no clue.  Do I like the fact that I am giving myself to my Master?  Do I like the fact I am being made a whore?  Or is it simply that my nature is to give my body to men for their sexual pleasure and this serves this desire for me?

“Or is it simply that my nature is to give my body to men for their sexual pleasure and this serves this desire for me?” Yes. Don’t think too much on it, acceptance will bring happiness.


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