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Craig watched Harrison’s houseboy rinse off after grilling dinner on a humid summer night. “Damn, Harrison, I can’t get over the ass on your boy. Just what a fine specimen.”
“Why thank you Craig. I do enjoy having him around, I’ve enjoyed every second of him being in my service.”
Jack spoke up. “I admire the restraint you have Harrison, cause I’d spend all day playing with that body of his…or having him sit on my lap while I’m working.”
“He can’t get his chores done sitting on my lap, and I would never get any work done with him there anyway.”
The other two men chuckled.
“Something so satisfying about a good houseboy. Like, society didn’t carve out a place for them, but we knew they are god-given so we carved a place out for them – and they came to us.” Jack leaned back in his chair and sighed.
“Are you getting spiritual there Jack?” Craig asked.
“Hey if the higher power created houseboys in his own image, I’m going to church more.”
Harrison snickered. “Amen to that.” They clinked beer bottles and drank to that.
“Mn,” Craig said as an after thought. “Still a fine ass though.”
“And the calves.” Jack added.
“I like the way his legs are proportioned in kind of an hourglass way.”
“Yeah, the taper around the ankles is nice,” Jack agreed.
Harrison spoke up. “I like the way his thigh muscles cut in around the top of his knees, creates nice shadows.”
“I like the ripples in his back.”
“Shoulders, can’t forget shoulders.”
“And a nice personality too. Just always happy to serve.” Jack this time.
“And he does seem to enjoy it. Has a natural knack for it,” Craig piped up.
“Makes good coffee. And doesn’t put too much pepper on the eggs.”
“Makes real good brownies too.”

“You know what I like right now,” Craig gestured. “Is just how red he is turning. Look at his ears.”
Harrison laughed. “What’s that you say? He can hear us?” Well, aren’t we fools gentlemen. Don’t you all know not to flatter your houseboys? Goes to their heads is does. Turns em into divas.”
Craig put his empty bottle down. “We have made a grievous sin. Still. I stand by my first argument: that ass is fine.”
There was a chorus of “mmhmms” and head nods.
“You should be done rinsing off, boy. Turn off the water, and grab Craig another beer,” Harrison instructed.
“Y-yes Sir.” The young man turned off the water and grabbed a towel. He did have quite a red face.

“Oh, that reminds me,” Craig said.
“What?” asked Jack.
“We never talked about the front.”

The houseboy shot Craig a look of exasperation, which made them all laugh. After he got the men a refill of beer, Harrison crooked his finger and the young man curled up on his lap, safe his Master’s arms. When Jack and Craig got into a side conversation about something, Harrison took that moment to whisper in his boy’s ear. “You know, all those things we said were true.” It was delightful to see the houseboy start blushing all over again.

Captions are fictional.


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