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They were both still fresh from the shower; they shrugged on shirts but found their skin too warm to button them up or finished getting dressed. Instead Val went downstairs to the kitchen and pulled the champagne out of the wine fridge.
“What’s this for?” Ricardo asked.
“Left over from a party this weekend.” Val pulled the temporary stopper out. It made a soft popping noise. Val poured two glasses and handed one to his friend.
“But what are we celebrating though?”
Val gestured upstairs and smirked. “We are toasting to a fine night of fucking those two fine boys, tormenting them to a beautiful insanity of sexual hysteria until they broke and gave themselves totally onto us to deliver them to salvation.”
Ricardo looked smug and took the glass. “I can toast to that. Man, what an ass that boy had. 21 years old. Nearly virgin…it begged for stripes. Begged. Boy had never cum properly in his life or been so decorated, I guarantee it.”
Val chuckled. “That may be so. To them!” The glasses clinked and they sipped.
Ricardo exhaled. “I could have gone longer.”
Val shook his head slightly. “They’re young, inexperienced. We must not use up our toys too quickly. They were worn out; they are going to sleep through the night, those two.”
“I hope those stripes stay till the morning.”
Val shrugged. “Well if not, just put on new ones.”
Ricardo moved to refill the glasses. “I am glad to know you my friend. You are my kind of pervert.”
Val laughed. "To friendship.” They clinked again and drank and set upon making a nice bite to eat. They had worked up a great appetite.

Captions are fictional.


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