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Fotografia: Tom Kneller

“All good on the homefront?”
“Well, the baby went down for a nap, the dishwasher is loaded, laundry is folded and put away, dinner is marinating in the fridge.” Ty furrowed his brow.
“That all sounds like good things, but you don’t look too happy. What’s wrong?” Billy pushed back his chair from his computer and followed Ty out of the office.  “Something is wrong,” Tyler said. He stopped in the hallway and lowered his voice as to not wake up the infant. “We have a newborn, there isn’t any reason we should be caught up on the housework. I must need to do something, I just can’t think of what it is though.”
“It’s probably sleep.”
“Oh. I don’t feel tired.”
“I do. You’ve probably hit a wall where you’re so tired so often you stop realizing it,” Billy said.
“Well if I don’t feel tired, surely I should use this energy to get something else done…”
Billy pointed down the hall. “To bed.”
“This feels silly.”
Ty sighed. “Fine.” He peeked into the nursery before walking into their bedroom. He stripped off his shirt and climbed into bed. “I’m not tired.” He yawned.
“Uh huh. Ah curse you.” Billy yawned in response.
Ty grinned. “Contagious.” He stretched out. “Man it is nice to just not do anything. Maybe a nap is a good idea.”
“Well, hold on, there’s something I forgot to do.”
Ty glanced at Billy. “What?”
Billy moved to get up onto the bed.
“Are you gonna take a nap with me?”
“Absolutely. But first…need to do the thing I forgot to do.” Billy practically climbed on top of Ty, held himself up with one strong arm, and bent to kiss his husband deep. Ty made a low purring noise of appreciation and snaked his arm around Billy’s back. “Oh yeah sex…forgot about the whole sex thing…”
Billy kissed his jawline and down his neck. ‘Yeah the kissing is pretty nice… “ He slid his hand down Ty’s stomach.”
“Oh lord,” Ty gasped as the hand slid down past his waistband. He hurried to unbutton it. It was a confusing mood to be in – suddenly very horny and hardening quickly, but at the same time, the limbs were getting heavy and it  was feeling more and more attractive to fall asleep.

Lucky for Ty, he was too pent up to last long. Ty laid there on the pillows helplessly, hips arched, moaning Billy’s name as Billy stroke him to completion. He clutched Billy’s arm with one hand, sheets in another.
“Billy, god, don’t stop!” Ty hissed as loud as he dared, praying he didn’t make some loud comical orgasm noise that would wake the baby. He kept his teeth clenched and the groans in his throat as he spilled all over Billy’s hand.
“That’s it, come Ty, come all over me. That’s it, that’s a good boy. You’re working so hard to keep the house clean and the baby happy so I can work. It’s important you’re taken care of. You’re so very very backed up…”
Ty kissed Billy and ran his fingers through his hair as the bliss faded away into a soft dreamy bubble. “I feel very taken care of. And very, very tired.” Ty yawned as to make a point. “And also sticky.”
Billy yawned back. “Ah damn your contagious yawns again. I’ll go get a towel.”
Ty made a lazy nod as Billy got off of him. When Billy got back, Ty was asleep. Billy removed his jeans, cleaned up the spilled seed, and tucked his cock back into his shorts. Billy liked to handle it soft or hard. Cock was awesome, and Try liked to share his, so Billy was always grateful.
He left the towel in the sink, washed his hands, and then shucked off his clothes to join Ty for a nap. His own cock would wait until later, as could any work he left undone. Sleep, precious sleep, was calling him, and thankfully his cock understood that this time it had to bow out. At any second that baby could cry. Why would you squander that time not sleeping, when Ty was always curled up in bed, warm and soft and waiting?
Billy spooned up to him and nuzzled his neck. He began to fantasize how he’d spill his seed later, but within moments, he too was out.

Captions are fictional.


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