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When Billy came into the door, I saw in his face that something had upset him. His shoulders and posture were sagging and his eyes were red.
“Honey what’s wrong?” I put down my newspaper.
“James, some mean boys bullied me on the way to the train station.”
“Oh sweetheart, I’m sorry.” I stood up and pulled him into a hug. Billy clung to me, pressing his lithe body up against my more substantial one. I removed his stylish hat and tossed it into the sofa. Underneath his cardigan, I could feel him trembling. “They called me a faggot, and said I looked like a queer, I should get hit by a train.”
I tensed and released a slow breath, seething. “I’m going to pick you up from work tomorrow, and you’re gonna start carrying mace. I won’t let anyone hurt you.”
“They scared me,” Billy admitted, his voice cracking.
“Ssh shh…I won’t let them lay a finger on you. They don’t deserve you.”

I sensed the hug wasn’t reaching him. “Here, I think this will help.” I gently pried Billy off, and began to remove my clothes. He watched me, curious, and did not protest when I helped him peel off his sweater and began to work the buttons on his shirt. It wasn’t sexual, we just casually removed our clothing piece by piece until it was in a pile on the sofa next to the hat. I wrapped my arms around him again and Billy eagerly reciprocated, pushing himself close against me to get his slim arms around my barrel torso. I felt fingers dig into my buttocks and his small member press against my thigh.

I held and rocked him, uttering soothing words. Billy hiccuped and spilled a few tears, dispersing them by nuzzling my shoulder. I was hoping that skin to skin contact would help calm him. Billy was a small man, and I wanted to be his big, strong rock. As long as I was around, he should feel safe and secure and grounded. After a few minutes of bonding, the trembling faded, his breathing slowed. I kissed the top of his head and he snuggled against the pelt of hair on my chest.

Billy worked at an art gallery downtown. I’d gone there to buy a piece for my living room and ended up leaving with a painting and his phone number. He was intimidated by me at first, but soon realized he got a rush out of being dominated and overpowered in the bedroom. It had taken some practice for him to accept a cock of my size. I in turn, became madly aroused at seeing it disappear into his small arse. I felt that would come later; sex would help him sleep the night. He wasn’t even hard now.

“Are you alright?” I asked, gently.
“Mmnnnn,” he replied back. “I like feeling all of you against me, and the sound of your heart beating. It was all fast before, but it’s slow now.”
“Because those men made me angry. Just – how dare they! What business of theirs is it who you are?”
“I think they’re scared of me,” Billy said.
“Scared?” I repeated.
“Yes… they’re scared that I walk with my head up and am not afraid to be who I am. They don’t understand it, they don’t understand me. They certainly don’t appreciate my excellent fashion sense either. So, they get scared and try to mask it by being mean.”
“Hm. In a way I guess that makes sense. We’ll have to confront of them sometime though.”
Billy sighed. “I don’t want to think about this anymore. I want to think about my naked boyfriend.”
I chuckle. “That is a good thought to be having.”
“Can I cook you dinner like this? Naked?”
“Naked?” I raised an eyebrow. “Well I can’t guarantee you won’t make it to dinner without me getting my hands on you.”
Billy looked up at me with a cheeky little smile on his face. “Well, we’ll see how long you last.”

I raise an eyebrow and squeeze his butt before he slips away, scampering off to the fridge with his cock bouncing between his legs. I mourn the loss of his body heat immediately, but I am mostly relieved that my Billy has recovered. The cruelty of the world outside the walls of our home can wait to be dealt with another day. I watch Billy bend over to peer into the fridge. I sigh. It’s ridiculous how much I am in love with him.

Text is fictional. Source unknown.


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