Hi, did you ever put a link to paypal? When are you coming out with more published works? Your writing is HOT!

Haa wow. Thank you. Being flattered is a nice way to start my Sunday.

I didn’t put out a Paypal link because I felt it wasn’t polite to beg for money without offering something in return, especially now that I’m actually employed. I’m not sure if you saw it, but a couple months ago I released a promo packet of writing to raise money for rent. It was either $5 on Gumroad or you could send a donation to ccallenreese at gmail dot com through Paypal; I would send the file to you manually if you provided your e-mail address.

I have more story ideas for sure. I want to flesh out a couple of my posts. I laid down the rough draft for a novella about a relationship between a lawyer and electrician. Writing/publishing takes up a lot of time though, The Orion release I did through Dreamspinner ended up being a clusterfuck because I was too stressed out from real world issues to focus on it properly. I didn’t do any marketing at all. If I release on my own, I really need to hire an editor and a marketing person and I couldn’t do that before.

So I would like to do another release by the end of year, but as of right now, no info yet. Thanks for your support though. I do appreciate it.


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