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“Hi Alfonso, I brought over the new case report from the office to read and some other papers since you called out sick today.”
“Oh thanks, Clark, I really appreciate it. How nice of you to come all this way for me.”
“It wasn’t a problem,” he smiles. “So tell me, are you really sick? You look healthy as an ox to me.”
“Oh you got me, Clark, but I only called in sick because I can’t call in horny. My dick won’t go down, you see. And…it was so very kind of you to bring over that report,” Alfonso says, fingers tracing the curvature Clark’s bicep.
“Alfonso, no. We can’t keep carrying on like this. Someone from the department is going to find out and catch us.”
“They’re not here now. They think I’m sick, and maybe I am, cause you have no idea how badly I need to be fucked right now. God, I love how big your arms are…turns me on like crazy. You’re the hottest cop in the distract Clark, just looking at you in civilian dress makes my dick hard.”
“Alfonso,” he groans, “If you don’t cut that out I’m going to get the handcuffs from the car and cuff you to the bed.”
“Oh I’d like that, Clark,” he murmurs, brushing his lips against Clark’s jaw. “Cuff me. Spank me. Interrogate me. Fuck my hole, hold my arms back and dominate me until I’m loose and wet and ruined.”
“Christ, Alfonso,” Clark said, his voice gruff. He ran his fingers over the other man’s bare torso. “You know rough sex is my weakness.”
“Don’t let anyone you interrogate find out.” Alfonso chuckles, nibbling Clark’s ear.
Clark cups him between the legs and squeezes, making the other man squeak. “I think you do need to be cuffed to the bed after all. It’s my job as your senior to put uppity cops back into place – arms bound, and ass to me.”
Alfonso wants it so badly he can only whimper.

Text is fictional. Pretty sure this is from a porno.