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Oh sweet boy, your body is so wonderful. I love the way your ass tenses, then gives, as I thrust up into you. It’s as if you’re always a little bit scared, but want to open up to me completely at the same time. I know when I’ve pushed my entire cock into you to the hilt, you feel full and complete in a way that leaves a void when I’m gone. You feel my thighs pushing against your bubble ass, my torso rocking against your back and just go off to heaven don’t you? You’re so at home under me. It’s where you belong. I hear those helpless noises being pushed out of your throat every time I thrust; is your head exploding from the way the comforter is rubbing against cock your trapped under you? You don’t even care. You just want to be fucked. We’re perfect for each other.
Oh, your skin is so warm. You smell like peaches and sandalwood and I’m ravenous for you. That’s why I keep licking your shoulder, just for a taste of you, your scent and your sweat is ambrosia. I’m so grateful for you, boy, for understanding how to submit and for letting me claim your ass. There’s no words I can use to explain to you how much I adore you. I hope you can read my mind, all these thoughts I’m thinking about you, although it’s a bit fuzzy in here now…I’m getting closer and closer to cumming, but I’m taking my time. I won’t rush this. Every second I am in your velvet body goes by far too fast, but the more I penetrate you, the more time slows down. I’m reaching that moment where everything falls away beyond our bed, beyond the walls, beyond the doors. It’s just you and I alone in this. There is nothing more sacred and instinctual than coupling. When I am with you, I am home.

Text is fictional. Source unknown.


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