I like how your writing is very detailed with the events before they do it because that is still important even when it comes to porn but could you go into more detail and length when they actually do start having sex?

Hello, thank you for the message and feedback. Sometimes, I just want to focus on the before, sometimes I want to write erotica. Here’s why I write less sexy times: For one, erotica is fun and all, but it’s rarely ever short. It takes up several paragraphs on Tumblr, and hogs up space on people’s dashboards. The longer stories get cut, but I think less people click the cut than if it was just all hanging out uncut (lol dick jokes).
Secondly, writing sex is a challenge because it’s pretty much the same no matter what – tab a into slot b, gasp moan “it’s so big~” moan cum pant. It gets challenging finding new ways to write the same thing, so that’s why I don’t do it very often – so it stays fresh.

However, you are right that I haven’t been writing enough erotica so I will try to add more of those posts to my Tumblr. My schedule has been a little nuts lately but it should be leveling out soon and I’ll be able to dedicate more time to All Because of the Boys. Those erotica posts can take over an hour to write @_@.

Thank you for reading though and for giving feedback. It always, always helps me improve <3


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