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We’re so sympatico. Right as I glance down, he glances up and our eyes meet; he pauses mid-lick. I grab my phone off the nightstand and snap a photo of my adorable sub. For a moment, his pup side melts away at the sound of the shutter; he’s Gustavo again, and suddenly self-aware of what he’s doing on all fours. A sheepish smiles blooms on his face and blush comes to his cheeks. Then, he catches the scent of my crotch and nuzzles it with his eyes closed. When he opens his lids again, his pup side is back and his tongue goes to work. He loves to lick my crotch in the morning to get me horny, right before he tugs down the band with his teeth and sucks me dry.

I later printed a wallet size version of that shot so I could always have a bit of my boy with me, where-ever I go.

Text is fictional. Pup’s name is unknown.