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I walk past the kitchen, back up, then walk past it again. I let my eyes rove over his small ass peeking out between the apron’s sides and admire just how long his legs look when he’s naked.
He startles a little as if deep into his own thoughts. “Wha- oh hello. I thought you were watching that TV show you like.”
“I was… er…what are you doing?”
“Making dinner,” he turns and raises an eyebrow at me. “What does it look like I’m doing?”
“You’re making dinner,” I repeat, in disbelief.
“Yeah I found this recipe involving stuffed bell peppers and orzo – we have to use up all that parsley and you bought that ground bison, so I thought it wasn’t a bad idea. Plus, there was some spinach on sale at the grocery store, and I’ve been wanting to try this walnut strawberry salad I saw on a low carb blog-”
“Woah woah woah.” I take off my glasses, wipe them on my shirt, and then put them back on. “What happened to Jackson? What did you do with him?”

He chuckles. “What are you talking about?”
“It’s Friday night! Normally you beg me to go out with you to the clubs, take drugs you can’t identify, get totally plastered, then call me to rescue you after you’ve wandered off with some hot blokes and come home with a black eye and a wet dick.”
He scoffs while rolling his eyes. “I don’t always do that…”
“Yes, yes you do. Three weeks ago, you left on a Friday and came home on a Sunday – you told me you woke up in Berlin.”
“…Berlin isn’t that far.”
“We live in Denmark.”

He coughs and turns his attention back to the garlic he’s dicing. “Well you know it’s just – I’m horny as fuck, and yeah, I wanna go out, but ever since you put me in chastity, I’ve felt different. Like, once my friends see the bulge of my cage under my tight-ass leather pants, they’re gonna strip me naked and fuck me in front of the entire club. They’re kind of rough blokes, you know? And I’m very particular about who I bottom for. You being the exception.” He punctuates this by pointing the knife in my direction.
“Plus, I’d be so frustrated by not being able to fuck those club boys, and I don’t wanna be seen there as a helpless bitch. Also, I don’t wanna get cum stains on my leather pants.” He shrugs. “I was hungry anyway so I thought I’d just make dinner and maybe you could milk me after? I wanna learn how to do that hands-free thing you talked about earlier.”
“The hands free orgasm?” I ask, dully, still stunned.
“Yeah that! Seems hot.”

I stand there stupidly and watch him prep food. I don’t recall putting a magic spell on that chastity cage. It was supposed to be a 48 hour kink thing we were doing. Since he’s such a fuck up of a boyfriend, if you could even call him that, he often relents out of guilt when I want to try kinkier shit. Still, I had no idea it would be this effective. I thought he’d be giving me a tongue thrashing trying to get the key from me so he could go party with his cock swinging free.

“Um, well,” I begin. “I’m thrilled, to be honest, and damn curious what you’re gonna be making here. Can I help in any way…?”
“You could wash the strawberries and um, maybe play with my ass a little?”
“Oooh that is a reasonable request for a very good boy.” I walk up behind him and give him a hug from the back, wrapping my arms around his waist. I drop one hand to cup his cage between his legs.
“Mmm that’s not what I asked. If you do that, I’m going to get a huge erection and then it’ll hurt.”
I kiss his shoulder and give his ass a little pat. “Alright, alright, sorry, I just …,” I begin, then drop the sentence as I release him and head toward the fridge.
“You just what?” Jackson asks, furrowing his brow.
I bite my lip. “You know what? Nothing. It’s fine. I’m just grateful you’re here.” I hold up the strawberries. “Washed berries and a rim job coming right up.”

Text is fictional.


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