why the fuck would you make that story up? Making gays look like lairs all over the country is not a good look, then leading people with some hope for our kind to a pornographic blog!? You got to bed fucking kidding me….-___- All this for some followers? pathetic

Hello. Thank you for writing. I make up all my stories. It is a caption blog. I have never hid that from my followers. There are several gay caption blogs on Tumblr, but I am one of the few that posts disclaimers. I do not write captions for the purpose of mass gathering followers, I write because I love to write. Readers are a nice bonus, yes. I will admit I was very naiive when I started this blog, and believed no one would want to read my work. Period. I did not realize how my posts could be interpreted. Well, a mistake was made and I apologized many times and put up many disclaimers. Sorry if you’re angry.

(This is about the dear-mom-and-dad boys/cat post mess)


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