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Roger had been trying to get his pup to stay still for the last fifteen minutes so the photographer could get an artistic shot of him completely nude. It wasn’t working. Everything was so interesting for Todd, so distracting, so many things to smell, lick, hump. Without the pup’s collar on though, there was no way to control or corral 180 pounds of over-stimulated muscled puppy. The photographer was exasperated, so Roger decided to try one last tactic – bribery.

Roger called his boy on the stool – “Come on Todd, up!” and he clambered up, careful not to sit on anything that would hurt. He had quite a boner going, more out of excitement than arousal. The photographer had his finger on the trigger, waiting for Roger to get Todd in place. The pup was losing his grip and about to slide off when off to the side, Roger whistled to get his attention and shook a package of rabbit shaped Peeps. The pup looked sharply to his left at his favorite candy, and in that moment of distraction, the photographer got his shot. The pup immediately hopped off the stool and hurried over to his Master’s legs, begging for one and whimpering.

Roger pulled out a pink Peep and gave it to Todd, petting him on the head as he chewed it eagerly. “Good boy.”
The photographer whooped, “Roger, come see this photo, it’s fantastic!”
He jogged over to get a look. He was right, it was flawless. Exactly what he wanted. Roger ordered a large print of it and hung it in his office so everyone could see his pride and joy.

Text is fictional. Gormax Photography responsible for shot; model’s name is Tom.


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