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My boy loves to wear leather, it makes him feel damn kinky and he knows he looks amazing in it. Problem is, people associate men in leather with men of authority. Also because he’s bald, and has that sexy German accent, it gives off a particular kind of impression in the BDSM scene. I’m shorter than he is, and with my long hair, people don’t immediately get we’re in a relationship or that I own his pert little ass.

I took him to our annual Leather BBQ in the Park event wrapped up like a birthday present, and when I wasn’t there to supervise he kept finding himself with all sorts of unwanted company. He knew how to handle it though without saying a word. All he had to do was tug down his pants and show off his locked cock, and they knew immediately he was off limits and taken. That cage was pretty expensive for a piece of plastic, but the protection it provides is worth every penny. On the flip side though, a chaste boy attracts a whole bunch of Masters and Doms wanting to examine him and consider one for their own boys. That’s my cue to go over there and answer questions. Lots of gloved hands caressed his balls that day, making him more horny than ever and encouraging him to stick close to my side in hopes of relief. I’m not sure he’d consider it relief to be milked in front of the entire group, but he got it none the less. He really is entirely too gorgeous for his own good, I just had to share.

Text is fictional.


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