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Valentino lifts his head up at the sound of the back doors opening. “Oh, it’s you.”
“Oh guess you’re finally awake huh?”
“Yeah, late today. That piece of ass wore me the fuck out last night. I think he may have been a succubus or something.”
“I don’t know how you can be with guys like that… doesn’t it feel so artificial to you, that he’s probably pretending to enjoy it?”
Val glares at his brother. “First of all, no. Second of all, no. ‘Guys like that’ are professionals. They don’t take clients they don’t want to and can’t please. To them, sex is an art and they enjoy using what they’ve learned to give their clients pleasure – pleasure they also enjoy. They know we can pay half of that to just come in some plump ass and walk away, but we’re not paying them to be sex dolls.”
Angelo holds up his hands. “Jeez, I hit a sensitive subject. Sorry.”
“It’s not sensitive, you’re just wrong.”
Angelo dives into the pool. He swims over to the shallow end and stands up not far from Val. “Still, the transaction…there’s no connection to it. Don’t you want to be with someone who naturally goes after you?”
Val sighs. “I should repeat what I said earlier about how boys like the one in my bed upstairs don’t service clients they don’t want, but somehow I don’t think you’d listen the second time.”
“I still don’t believe it,” Angelo corrects.
Val waves his hand. “You have it all wrong. Maybe it isn’t this way for you, but my time is valuable. I get up at 6:30, work all damn day, exercise, make dinner, and then I finally get my leisure time. I don’t want to waste it trawling every loud, overpriced club searching for some guy to be interested in me, is interested in sex, and wants to go home with me. And who knows if we’re even compatible? That’s exhausting, time consuming, and pointless. When I hire a professional, it fits in my schedule perfectly and I always know the sex will be awesome. I’m worth it.”
Angelo narrows his eyes because he knows he’s been insulted. “Whatever. You gays are so shallow. Women aren’t like that.”
“Poor Angelo, you probably don’t even know you’ve been a pityfuck for some woman before. Maybe you should hire a professional sometime. Or maybe you should let that boy in my bed upstairs blow you. I think you’d be questioning some things after. He is good.” Val grins.
Angelo makes a face. “Watching a guy suck a cock seems wrong. Cocks are ugly.”
“Maybe yours is.”
“Fuck you, Val.”
Val laughs. “I like my cock. It brings me a lot of fun, and I spoil it.”
Angelo makes a face. “Gross.” He makes a dismissive hand gesture and goes to swim laps.

Val doesn’t know that the ‘hot piece of ass last night’ he hired to rock his world last night has been eavesdropping through the window as he ate his breakfast in the kitchen. Dorian sets his empty bowl aside to furiously text his best friend with what he was hearing. “Uh how do you thank your client for flattering the shit out of you when you can’t get a hard on and your hole is sore???”
“Hahaha! Just give him a massage. That always works for me. Just pressing your body against theirs gets them excited.”
“Oh girl you’re so smart. But first I have to stop blushing first before I can go out there! I look like a schoolgirl.” He runs for the freezer, and Val walks into the kitchen to get a drink only to see Dorian pressing frozen peas to his face.

Captions are fictional.


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