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“How’s this Daddy?”
“My, what a beautiful cupid you are. You are so tan! I see you are enjoying the pool.”
“It’s so nice to lay out when I get back from my grad classes. I can’t tell you how much I love staying with you Daddy.”
“Pft, that’s my line. I love having you in my house. I like the idea of a cute boy walking around my property in a tiny Speedo when I’m not home.”
“Well that definitely happens. But not today. I’ve been naked today.”
“Ooo. You should just stay naked…at least until I get home.”
“I can do that. I was gonna do some yoga. Should I film it?”
“Yes. Yes please. I want to see your muscles in action.”
“But how are you going to focus at work, Daddy?”
“Who says I’m focusing? I’m thinking of what I want to do to you when I get home.”
“Well in that case. Maybe my videos will give you some ideas. I’m going to go get started <3 I need to get started on dinner by 4.”
“Ok, ok fine. I love how you seem to be settling in though. Makes me happy to see you relax.”
“When you fucked me the first time, I remember just splaying out in your bed thinking that I’d forgotten what it was like to relax… you have a gift, Daddy. I’m happy to have met you.”
“Excuse me, gonna go do a manly cry in the bathroom.”
“Oh no Daddy! I’m sorry.”
“No don’t apologize. Never apologize. Go do your yoga. I’m gonna go have feelings.”
“That made me giggle. Love ya Daddy. Send ya videos soon!”

Captions are fictional.


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