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“All of it?”
“Yep. All of it. I’m washing all your clothes because ALL of them smell like mildew. Your washer had a drainage issue I fixed, and you had too much lint in the dryer. You haven’t had clean clothes for a while now. So everything you’re wearing comes off.”
“Wait. You came over here to help organize my house. What do you mean you ‘fixed the washing machine?’“
“Listen, a houseboy does not do job half assed. I can’t organize your closet if your clothing smells like mildew, and I can’t donate stuff that isn’t clean either. I start from the 2nd floor down. I already organized your linen closet and bathroom, and now that you’re home we can finish the master bedroom.”

Jeremy stared at Anthony. He worked for Jeremy’s friend Steve…he’d heard what a bossy little thing he could be, but Jeremy was seeing why Steve adored him so much. Anthony was good at his job.
“You know what, I ain’t gonna argue.” Jeremy walked to the laundry room and took off clothes.
“I appreciate that.” Anthony leaned against the door and watched. “Damn those legs…”
Jeremy looked at him. “You’re enjoying this aren’t you?”
“I always wanted to see you naked.”
“What? Me?”
“Yeah. Started at Steve’s pool party. You’re real hot. Hot in a different way Steve is.”
Jeremy blushed. “Thank you.”
“Mmhmm. You wanna fuck me later, let me know.”
“Damn, aren’t you brazen!”
“I know what I want,” Anthony said with a grin.
Jeremy stood before him bare ass naked while Anthony ogled him. “Well this is gonna go both ways. You need to be naked too.”
Anthony thought. “I suppose that is fair. I’ve never organized a house naked before. This should be fun.” Anthony stripped out of his clothing too.

Anthony put the washer on and they both went upstairs to see what Anthony had been busy doing up there. They got a little distracted in the bedroom when Jeremy took Anthony up on his offer early.

Captions are fictional.


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