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Classic gardens

Alastair pulled his robe around him. The chill languished, trapped in the low morning fog that yet to burn off. Hidden birds sang their dawn song all around them, making the plants and trees seems as if they were tweeting themselves. Cordain untied his elk-horse from the copse of trees along the creek where it had spent the night.
“It gets light our earlier and earlier now. I’m afraid our riskiness is turning to foolishness.” Cordain remarked.
Alastair yawned. “Love makes one foolish regardless. I almost wish to be caught just to stop living in fear of being caught.”
“You don’t mean that. If we were caught, the punishment…”
Alastair grabbed his sleeve. “I would never let them kill you.”
“Shhh.” Cordain cupped his jaw. “I know. But don’t let your passion put your life in jeopardy, my butterfly.”
Alastair took that moment to steal a kiss. “I won’t. But it’s getting so hard now to keep hiding. Especially now that father and mother have selected a bride for me.” Alastair made a face.
“I’m sure she’s lovely.”
“She’s a fourth daughter. They’re desperate to marry me.”
Cordain kissed the back of Alastair’s hand and reluctantly broke touch. He mounted his elk-horse. “A fourth daughter is better than a half elven bastard son from a disgraced Lord.”
“Maybe.” Alastair shrugged. “But I still want you.”
Cordain smiled. “I love you, my Prince. Enough that my heart bursts at the sight of you and pains at the thought of leaving you. Every second I get to be with you is the happiest moment of my life.”
“Oh Cordain!” Alastair brushed a tear away from his face. “Stop it, this is hard.”
“Oh love, I’m sorry to make you weep. You haven’t slept much or eaten. Please go inside before someone sees you out here.”
Alastair nodded reluctantly. “I am tired, but I don’t regret it. I never feel satisfied until you’ve bedded me.”
“Ok, how am I suppose to depart and leave the flattery behind?”
Alastair chuckled softly. “You’ll have to come back to hear more.”
“I will be back. Sunday night. Right here.”
“Yes. I’ll await you.”

Cordain grabbed the pommel and leaned over for another kiss. “Rest well my Prince.”
“Good day, Cordain. Don’t forget to the follow the creek, the tree line will hide your view. Don’t rush.”
“I won’t my Prince. Farewell.” Cordain dug his heels in and the elk-horse took off.

Alastair sighed as their presence vanished into the rough edges of the garden into the woods beyond. The castle seemed so far away now, the walk back longer every time. He couldn’t bear it. If only they could be together forever. Then perhaps, Alastair would be waking up just now instead of heading to bed, and he’d be reaching for Cordain and his proud erection instead of being exhausted from it. “Well, I got the gift early, but not without punishment.” The soreness and fatique was beginning to set in. Looked like he was going to be sleeping on his side again.

Then again, Alastair realized, if they could reside together, they’d spoon in bed and Alastair would be on his side anyway. Prince Alastair filled his head with a dreamy scene of a morning spent together with Cordain, and he practically floated back to his room.

Captions are fictional.


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