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I drink in the stunning sight of Nero reading on the sofa in the buff, utterly comfortably in himself. I love discovering all sides to this complex, quiet man. Seeing him at leisure is just as pleasurable as seeing him thrashing in ecstasy.  When he moved in, it was like getting a new pet. I was, and am, just so interested in what he was doing all the time. I try to give him his space during the day, because at night I just want him in my arms until dawn. I also use that time at night to think of more ways to fulfill Nero’s one requirement for moving in – that I bring more casual kink into his daily life.

Nero raises his gaze from his book to me, questioning.
“Show me your device,” I say.
Nero smirks and lifts up his book so I can see the pretty silver device around his cock. The sun glimmers off it.
I nod. “As you were.” And I move on to continue what I was doing. I couldn’t remember what that was though…

Captions are fictional.


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