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When your instinct is to spread your legs for daddy

“Oof, lad, I’ve seen your dick a dozen times, but it always blows me away what a big gun you’re packing boy. Just a sausage…”
“You like my dick, Daddy?”
Adam reaches out to caress the shaft through the cotton. “Yeah, I like it a lot. I love that you’re hung for fucking, but you just want my cock more don’t you boy?”
Julian whimpers and nods.
“You spread your legs when I got on the bed. You want me on top of you and in you don’t you?”
Julian nodded quicker.
Adam increased his grip on Julian’s package. “You know that a man’s job in the bedroom isn’t determined by his dick size. You’re a smart boy.”
A wet spot grew in Julian’s underwear. “I’m not smart Daddy, my body just reacts to you. I just listen to it…thought it’s hard to think when you’re standing there in your jock…”
“Fuck that’s hot. Daddy’s dick is throbbing. Let’s get you lubed up, I want to be deep inside you.”

Captions are fictional.


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