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Let s go back to bed or we can do it on the stairs 🍆🖤✴💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦

Joseph paused on the stairs. “Sir?”
“Yes lad?”
“I hate this carpet. I’ve hated it for a long time. It clashes with the decor, it’s old, it’s flat, it sucks to vacuum, and it hides the beautiful wood of the stairs. If you want better grip, we can get a stair runner that I can put in the washing machine. But I hate this carpet. Especially now that we’re stuck inside looking at it. It has to go.” He paused. “Please.”
I raise an eyebrow. “The houseboy has spoken.”
“Heed my official declaration, Sir.”
“I heed, alright. Well if it’ll make you happy. But I will want a runner there. It gets cold in winter.”
“Yes sir! Hooray a task!” He ran into the garage to get his tools to rip up the carpet.
I watch him, sort of amused. “A happy houseboy means a happy home, I guess.”
“Oh Sir?” He asks, sticking his head back in the room.
“Yes lad?”
“Since we’re throwing it out… wanna have a good fuck on the stairs?”
“Mmmn. That is appealing. How about I unlock you, you hump the carpet, edging yourself closer until I tell you to stop, over and over again, and then I will mount you and breed you?
“UHhhhh. Do I get to cum?”
”My opinion is irrelevant in this isn’t it?”
”Yep! Fetch my keys, lad. We’re gonna have us some fun.”

Captions are fictional.


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