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I crawled onto the bed while trying to will my erection away. I had bounded up the stairs when he texted me from the bedroom. “DTF?” Of course I was down to fuck. He’d been gone like 12 hours a day working on new road projects for the city. Now that quarantine was in effect, the city ramped up its efforts to fix all the damage over winter. Which meant I spent a lot of days alone. However, he came home early today. He went up to shower, then I got the text…

Alas, when I got upstairs, I found Jules passed out like a cat in a sunbeam. He didn’t even pull the comforter off the pillows. Just pulled off his jeans enough to tempt me with his ass…and click. He was out. I caressed the curve of his butt. “You’re exhausted aren’t you, baby? Poor Jules…” I sighed. God what a butt. I bit my lip. I could fuck him in his sleep. We’d done it before. No, he needed rest. My full balls could wait. I pulled off his jeans and boxer briefs. I pulled a blanket out of the closet and draped it over his nude form. Jules sighed in his sleep.
“Sleep well.” I kissed his temple. I figured he’d be up for dinner.

To my surprise, he slept until morning. At dawn, I was woken up by someone kissing my chest.
“Jules?” I slurred.
“Good morning.”
“The sun isn’t up…” I noted, one eye closed.
“Yeaah… too early to want your dick then?”
I thought. “No. Help your self.” I flung back the sheets and rolled onto my back.
He exhaled. “Oh god yess…”

I slipped in and out of sleep in a fog of pleasure as he stroked me to full hardness and rode me like a cowboy. His moans were beautiful, like angel song. I managed to open my eyes just to see him throw back his head in ecstasy as he came. I filled his tight ass, and the black spots in my vision over took me again.

I woke up some time later, under a very familiar blanket. Bed was empty though. Damn. Missed him before work. He did leave me a lovely breakfast in the fridge though, with a note:
“Thank you so much for letting me sleep and for the sex this morning. I feel AWESOME today! You’re such a great boyfriend. <3 Jules.”
I nearly cried. Loved that boy.

Captions are fictional.


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