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Jack tossed his cap on the counter. “Stop stop. I’ve had enough of
this. Aaron this, Aaron that. You can’t go one hour without saying his
name. I know I invited you over here cause you’ve been depressed, but
now I see that’s cause you’re just wallowing in it.”
Mick pouted.
“Well I mean – what do you expect me to do? It was such a stupid fight,
and it was going so well. He was so hot, and he fucked me a lot. How can I live
my life knowing if he will or won’t ask me back. I miss him.”
Jack walked up to Mick. “If he takes you back, don’t go.”
“W-what? Why not? I would in a heartbeat! It’s all I can think about.”
didn’t appreciate you. He didn’t care about your feelings. Do you
listen to yourself when you talk about the fight? From what I hear Aaron
barely acknowledged you were in a relationship. Sounds like he kept you
around as a convenient lay. You deserve better. And yeah he’s hot.
Maybe he’s a good fuck. But you’re so young, and have so many hot fucks
ahead of you. Don’t waste your best years on dumb guys who don’t treat
you well., especially in bed.”
“Easy for you to say! You have no
problem getting guys. It’s so hard…I’m not hot like you. I don’t know
when my next fuck or boyfriend comes along?”
Jack smiled a little. “You think I’m hot, Michael?”
Mick flushed. “Well – I mean, you’re attractive yeah. Hotter than me.”
lifted Mick’s chin with his thumb. “Hey. Don’t put yourself down so
much. You have a classic, American boy next door look. And those boys
becomes hot daddies. Definitely desirable.”
Mick’s gaze glanced to
the side. “Everyone wants a model’s face. A boy next door look? I don’t
know anyone who finds that attractive.”
Mick swallowed. “…You?”
“…But you’d never fuck me.”
Jack smiled. “You never asked.”
Mick blinked.
doesn’t have to mean anything, but…if you let me, I’d show you just
what it’s like when a man cherishes you during sex. I feel like you’ve
never had that. Makes me sad.”
“Cherishes …me?” Mick whispered.
“Yes. Can I kiss you?”
Mick considered his friend’s face and then nodded.

didn’t pounce, but leaned in, gentle as a kitten. Mick exhaled softly
through his nose. Jack didn’t rush to grope. He waited for Mick to
relax, kiss back. That’s when he cupped the back of Mick’s head and took
a step forward, deepening it, adding tongue. He half expected Mick to
tighten, panic, withdraw, grumble how it was all a mistake. But Mick
melted against him. His pulse quickened. He twisted his fingers in
Jack’s shirt. There. He was ready.

They never made it to the bed.
Almost. Mick had Jack standing up, hand braced on the mattress for
support. Jack didn’t want to break the touches, the kisses. The way Mick
was caressing him was divine. It made him feel so warm. All that horny
frustration was floating right to the surface. For the first time he
felt so impatient to be fucked. He arched against Jack, trying to convey
how he felt. His head was too muzzy for speech. It took Mick a moment
to realize that he was acting slutty. It excited him. He’d never been so
deep in bottom headspace before. Hell, his own cock seemed kind of
irrelevant. He was hard for sure, but Jack’s cock was much more
interesting. He wanted it. He wanted a man inside him. Jack heard a voice say. “Put it in me.” and was shocked to realize it was his own.

Jack penetrated him, his knees nearly gave in. Oh sweet merciful Jesus,
it didn’t even hurt! I just slid right in. Mick could smell the scent
of lube and sweat and cum. The scent of sex. Was it really supposed to
be like this? Could it always be like this? It was never like this was Aaron.

Mick decided Jack was right – if Aaron tried to take him back, he wouldn’t go.

Captions are fictional.


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