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Daniel Avshalumov by Dorien Jimenez – Fucking Young!

Zach wiggles out of his pants. “Ugh I hate wearing the same clothes I’ve worn in an airport. Can you pass me my olive pants out of my suitcase, love?”
“Yeah sure, babe.” I set my empty beer can on the desk and walk over to where his suitcase is up on a stand. “Jeez, no wonder why your suitcase weighed so much. You got so much stuff in here!”
“Nuh uh, I cut sooo much stuff out. Still kind of stressing about it.”
“If I can be fine with half this, you’ll be fine.” I push aside some rolled shirts and a plastic bag full of bottles and containers. I hold it up and read the labels. “Collagen… retinol…moisturizers… what IS all this stuff?”
“Pants please!” He asks. I look over at him, lying there in his underwear.
“Pants can wait.”
He raises an eyebrow at me. “Someone is in a mood.”
“I would be more so if it wasn’t for the jet lag and the fact I’m exhausted.”
“Mmm shame.”
For a moment I just stand there, stunned at the toss-away casualness of it all. Zach has a sexual aura that roared around him like a wildfire but he welded it and batted it around like it was a goddamn balloon. How intimidating.
I yawn. “Let’s at least sleep in the bed one night before we stain the sheets.”
“Oh fine, but like, we don’t have to like, fuck. You could kiss me for a bit…”

“I think I may have enough energy for that actually…” I toss the plastic bag back into the suitcase. “What is all that stuff though?”
“Oh you know, my stuff for my night routine, my day routine, for my skin, my face, my eyes, my nails, and my make up…”

I stop at the foot of the bed, and follow the path with my gaze from his feet up his willowy legs to the black bulge to the curve of his stomach and the ridges of ribs.

“Do you really need all that stuff? You’re easy on the eyes as is.”
Zach scoffs and looks a little embarrassed. “Uh, duh. I look like a hot mess otherwise.”
“Naaahhh I love you even out of the shower.”
Zach smooshes the pillow over his face. “Stoooop.”
“Nope. I mean it.” I crawl onto the bed and spread out next to him. “You don’t need it.”
“It’s different, cause I’m a bottom,” he says in a muffled voice.
I bark out a laugh. “What does that have to do with anything? What does that have to do with your butt?”
Zach pushes the pillow away and rolls to his side to look at me. “Listen, I can’t explain why all species of gay all act the way they do -”
I cut him off without another rude laugh. “Species??”
“Yes! Don’t laugh.” Zach hits me with the pillow.
“Species. Femme twink bottoms are judgemental, catty bitches, and we if don’t all look amazing 100% of the time, we don’t get men. It’s like expected of us. Plus, like seriously I kind of like make up…”
I furrow my brow. “But we met at the pool. You weren’t wearing make up then. You were wet. And you still got a man.”
Zach stares at me.
“No! I was wearing waterproof mascara,” Zach insists.
“Yeah that’s what made me want you. Oh baby, that twink is wearing mascara that isn’t running, my cock is sooooo hard.”
Zach hits me with the pillow again. “You are such a bitch!”
I laugh and hit him back with it. “Don’t be mad if I didn’t notice.”
“I would have been more mad if you hadn’t done such a good job blowing me behind the pool house.” Zach adjusts the position he’s resting in so his arm doesn’t fall asleep.
“Mmn. Blowjobs forgive all huh.”
Zach sticks his tongue out at me.
I toss the pillow behind us. “So what species of gay am I?”
“Hmm.” He licks his lip. “The No Way type.”
“The…No Way type?” I repeat.
“Yeah. You’re one of those guys we see in a bar -or a pool, I suppose- and we’re like, nooo way that guy is gay AND single AND is into my type. Too good looking, too nice, too witty, the jeans fit too well… like there’s no fucking a way such a perfect guy would even give me the time of day.”
I pluck at the sheets. “You think I’m perfect?”
Zach considers me. “You can’t cook for shit.”
“Ha. That’s true, at least. You thought I was straight at an LGBT week pool party though?”
“There’s straight allies you know. And bi guys.”
“I guess that’s true…I’m glad you talked to me though. I was a little scared to approach you.”
“W-what? Why?”
I trace the outline of Zach’s cheek and jawbone with an errant finger. “Cause you’re like this alpha twink. All the skittish younger ones kept looking at you, watching what you were doing. Like when you got out of the pool, heads turned, Zach. You have this super confidence life force that makes people notice.”
Zach turns red. “Are you sure they weren’t staring cause of the Speedo I was wearing?”
“You were wearing more clothes than some people,” I point out.
Zach reaches for the pillow again and puts it over his face. “None of that is true.”
I chuckle. “It is, you silly boy.” I push the pillow away. “I mean it. I’m glad you spoke to me.”
Zach smiles. “Thank you for answering. And thank you for asking me on this trip. When you asked me to go with you on your vacation, I was really happy.”
I manage a lazy, drowsy smile. “I’m happy you said yes. I’d be lonely without you…” I cup his chin and brought it forward so our lips could meet. As I kiss Zach, I feel myself losing grip on keeping myself awake. We’ve been awake over 24 hours at this point. I’m glad he suggested we brush our teeth when we landed, cause he tastes good and fresh and his skin is warm and scented. It’s familiarity in an unfamiliar place. “Mnnnn..” I nuzzle his cheek and neck. “Smell good…” Our knees bump together.
“You up for a little more?” Zach purrs as he caresses my arm

I can’t remember what I said. At some point, Zach must have taken my glasses off because I woke up at 4 am local time without them on. He’d also tucked me in. Sweet lad. I kiss his cheek, then get up to shower and shave. I have a plan to have a walk around the city in pre-dawn hours, and maybe pick up some breakfast to take back to the hotel. That’s because I intend to spend the morning making last night up to him. To convey this to Zach, I position the lube and condoms on the night stand before heading to shower.

In the shower, my cock finally gets the memo. “Oh now you’re awake. Sorry bud, you gotta wait now. Let’s get you nice and clean at least.”

Captions are fictional.


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