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When I started working for Sir, he told me: If you be a good whore for me, boy, I’ll take you places, treat you right, spoil you rotten. I”ll dress you in brand names, you’ll sleep on down, and eat like an epicurean. But it won’t be for no reason. You will be earning it every day with your ass and body, and you will feel the results of your indiscretions swiftly. It’s like the stock market. Invest well, and reap your rewards.

Shame to say, I’m a little bit spoiled now. Sir works my body well, and I worship him in return. I think I’ve gotten a little relaxed now, and perhaps a little bored, because I actually had the gall to ask Sir last night – “Sir, when we met you said, If I be a good whore you...why don’t you let me please your friends too? I want to impress your friends with how well you’ve trained me.”
And he sort of studied me for a minute, trying to figure out if I had insulted him or not. I realized at that moment I had made a serious mistake, because if he thought I was, the punishment was going to be devastating. …but his friends had been asking to fuck me. After some consideration, Sir began to let me fulfill my role as his special little whore… but he locked my cock up first. Serves me right. I still thanked Sir though for reminding me of my place though.

Captions are fictional.


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