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Mmm firmly grasp the neck 🙂

Dorian stepped in the door, which was hard, since his pup was pressed up against it trying to tackle him.
“Woah hey there boy! Down boy!”
Pup Razor chuffed at him and butted up against his legs.
“Yes yes hello.” He gave the boy a scritch behind the neck. “I am very welcomed home yes.”
“Yes yes.”
After he’d been properly greeted, Razor made another bark and then trotted off.
“Oh come on, did I say something? Where are you going boy? You’re not going to steal my shoes even?”
Razor came back with an envelope in his mouth. It had teeth marks on it. It was pink and smelled like roses.
“Aww pup what is this?”
“Bark bark bark!”
“Aw you drew a heart on it. Pretty good for a dog.” Dorian teased. He took the envelope over to the couch and sat on it. He made a noise, fished out a toy from between the cushions, and then sat down. Razor sat on his haunches in front of the sofa with a shoe in his mouth.
“Oh so you did get one huh?”
“Silly boy. Let’s see. What’s in here?”
Dorian opened the envelope. He pulled out a card that said, ‘You DOMinate my heart’. He laughed. “Awww this is so adorable.” When he opened it, heart confetti fell into his lap. “Oh jeez puppy!”
Razor giggled.
“Silly boy. Goodness. Oh well, that’s a mess now. What did you write here?”
“Dear Sir. Happy Valentines Day <3. <3<3<3. I like to draw hearts. Anyway. I just want to say how much I LOVE YOU and I love having you as my handler.
You have given me SO SO much support since I became your pup. You taught me how to file my taxes, to check my credit score, taught me what your mortgage is, and how to pick a better credit card. Airmiles!! Plus I feel so more confident and articulate since you have been teaching me better manners and that it’s ok to not feel like I need to challenge ever male in the world. I’ve never been so happy and understanding of my place – which is of course, at your side as your pup <3<3 You have opened my eyes by trusting me to go with events with you and be by your side. I love exploring this world of kink. I couldn’t have done it with your guidance.
I looove you so much. You are the best mentor ever. I hope you love me as much as I love you and that we can have another Valentine’s Day next year.

Pup Razor“

There was a paw print drawn under it.

“Aww pup. Puppy. This is…this is…” Dorian sniffled. “Pup this is so wonderful. Come here.” He patted his lap and Razor leapt up. Confetti went everywhere.
“Come here Razor. I love you.”
“Bark bark bark bark!” Razor expressed his love with licks and nuzzles.
Razor rubbed his neck and gave scritches to his scruff. Dorian smiled. “God you are so cute! I am so happy to come home to you and teach you everything you need to know.”

Dorian got licked and loved on until there was confetti everywhere.

When Dorian got up to decide what to make dinner, he had to laugh at what he found in the fridge. Razor had bought a steak shaped like a heart and it was in a plastic heart container.
“Is this for you Pup?”
Razor pointed to himself and titled his head. “Baroo?”
“Oh you silly boy. Alright, steak for dinner it is. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

“Bark bark!”

Captions are fictional. @emperor-palpantene.


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