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I thought this kid looked questionably young, so I did some research. There’s not much out there. An image board says his name is
Dima Sedgwick, although he goes by Damir. The discussion on the image board says that Damir had an Instagram and Tumblr, at one point were apparently deleted. He does however have an active Rentmen account here. Damir apparently works out of Dubai an an escort or porn star, but he’s apparently originally from Ukraine.

His Rentmen account lists his age as a legal 20, although I’m not sure if it’s manually entered or automatically generated. The date he joined Rentmen was September 2015, two and a half years ago, 
and I like to assume Rentmen doesn’t allow underage boys on their website. Although, I’m really bad at calendar math, so doesn’t this mean he would be 17 when he joined?

A couple photos on Retmen were also posted in September 2015 – including the one in this post. I reversed-image-searched the photo and found it on (don’t click, contains viruses) which was crawled by search engines on january 23, 2015.
Also, I reversed-image-searched another 2015 photo from Rentmen which I traced to the defunct
– which was crawled by search engines on March 7, 2014.
I found a couple posts on Reddit as far back as July 2015.
I found a thread on Tumblr from April 2014, meaning if he’s 20 now there’s no way he was 18 then.

Either Damir lies about being 20, or some of these are underage. Period. Damir is almost certainly legal age now, but we have no way to tell if some of his photos were shot underage or not. Or if they were photoshopped to appear so. Plus, we haven’t even begun to ask how he got into porn in his teens, or why he has so little online presence for a “pornstar performer”. So be careful about reblogging his images. That’s all.


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