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Pablo listened to the windchime outside the open window and thought. His head was full of thoughts he didn’t quite understand. He was however, aware of the looming deadline of time pressing down. Today was the last day. The magic ended at midnight, so to speak.

When Pablo had first met this man, he thought he was no different than all those other times he met men. He wanted sex, they wanted sex. If they were a little kinky it was a bonus. But this man, this Zeke, seemed particularly interested in Pablo, and asked him a lot of questions. For the first time in a one night stand, Pablo felt like Zeke was really making an effort to make it super pleasurable for him. Normally it was just two people putting up with each-other just enough to get to an orgasm. Pablo thought the way Zeke could read him was almost eerie. It was like he could smell Pablo’s submissive nature in the air and read his body signals like an open book. The sex had been long and steaming hot, and the orgasm left Pablo seeing spots. He kept calling Zeke again, and again…

and on it went, and it would continue to be a string of sexy date nights until Zeke brought up something new. A three day weekend was coming up. Would Pablo be interested in a three day roleplay of all of his submissive houseboy fantasies? Uh, why yes, yes he would.

They made a little contract, agreed on a safeword, and at 8 am on Saturday morning it had got into effect. Pablo would serve Zeke for three days. Clean his house. Make his food. Suck his cock. Offer his ass. Essentially, be a good boy and serve the man of the house. It sure pushed all the right buttons, especially since Pablo was not allowed to jerk off. Sunday night, the sex was so hot that Pablo did infact pass out.

But it was Monday now, and 3 pm at that. The three day weekend ended at midnight, and then he’d go back to being a regular person… but the closer that time got, Pablo began to seek a way to make time stop. It had been so fulfilling to just have small tasks to do and complete for praise and attention. It was nice to support and reward Zeke for all the wonderful guidance in the bedroom. Zeke was like the compass for kinks and urges. It was like he had three days to show Zeke the appreciation he felt inside.

And hadn’t it been perfect? Rewarding? Fun? Sexy? Even the little spanking he got on Sunday was thrilling. Being naked was thrilling. Gazing upon Zeke’s bulked up body and swinging cock at leisure was thrilling. Being on a schedule and having rules was thrilling.

And serving? It felt too natural for it to be a fluke. How he could go back to being normal? Pablo sighed softly. He didn’t live in Zeke’s house. He had to be realistic. Good boys aren’t clingy. He had to get his feelings in alignment. This meant talking to Zeke. Zeke would know what to do. Zeke would fix things. And maybe…just maybe…Zeke would extend things.

Captions are fictional.


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