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Rise and shine!

I place the mug on the counter and sit down on the edge of the bed.

“Hey baby,” I coo. “Time to wake up.”


I put a hand on his ass. “I brought you some hot chai, and I made cinnamon waffles and apples downstairs.”

“Ya did?”

“I did. I also started a load of laundry and cleaned your kitchen…”

Vlad rolls over and peers at me through sleepy puffy eyes. “How do you get all that energy after sex? I just want to hibernate.”

I give a shy shrug. “It just invigorates me. Plus I always feel this urge to do something to thank boys who bottom for me. Once that kicks in, I can’t sleep.”

“I think that’s a quirk of being a submissive top,” Vlad says. He yawns hugely and stretches like a lion.

“I think that’s just me *being* a submissive top,” I tease back.

He snorts. “Maybe so.” He gazes up at me with those pretty chocolate eyes and cups my cheek. “Damn you’re a sight for sore eyes. I love waking up to a pretty face.”

I blush, right on cue. “Oh come on Vlad.”

“What? You know I pick certain positions during sex just so I can see your face?”

I gasp. “No!”

“Yup. I do. You are blushing up a storm there.”

I clap my hands to my face. “Aaaaghhh.”

He laughs. “You also make great facial expressions. Mnn is that my chai there?”

“It is.” Vlad sits up, and I pass him the chai. He sips and groans. “God you make this well.”

“Thank you.”

I watch him sip and admire his almost nude body. The bulge in the jockstrap is distracting. His abs are distracting. Every bob of his Adam’s apple is distracting.



“Go out with me?”

My eyes widen. “Like – like dating?” I squeak.

“Yeah. I mean, pretending we’re both just friends with benefits is silly at this point. I want…well, more.”

“More?” I whisper.

“More you,” Vlad replies. He gazed down at his chai. “More of this.”


“Mornings,” he corrects in his sturdy gentle tone. “Mornings with you. More fooling around. Sex. Fun. Time together. You are the only top I’ve met who lets me be me, to be dominant and take charge. And I may be wrong, but I get a feeling you do all this nice stuff for me because it’s how you show you care?”

I nod. “Yes. I do care about you.”

“I’d be an idiot to squander this for another pointless night of fucking. I’ve had those years. I want to be selfish with you.”

I hadn’t realized I was smiling until I became aware my cheeks hurt. “Am I blushing right now?”

“Tremendously,” Vlad notes.

“It would make me really happy if we were together,” I say.

Vlad cups my cheek again. I can feel his callouses from when he drums. “Good. It’d make me happy too.” He leans forward and we kiss. “Very good. Very very good.”

I bite my lip. “Yay.”

Vlad chuffs. “Yay indeed.”

There’s a pause as we digest this.

“Can…can we have sex after breakfast?” I ask.

A devilish grin flashes on Vlad’s face. “I was really hoping you’d say that.”


Captions are fictional.


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