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you know, sometimes I just lay back and think “fuck it’s good to be me”

“Does that whole ‘fuck it’s good to be me’ mentality include the part where I just want to worship and suck you and have you fuck me because you’re so hot?” I ask.
He looks at me with that entitled smirk I love so much. “It does now. That part is pretty nice. Matter of fact, I think my refractory period should be about over. I’m going to fuck you again right now.”
I rub his bulging bicep. “My ass is yours to use when you desire Sir.”
He raises an eyebrow. “Of course it is. Your ass would just be a regular butt if I didn’t grace it with my cock. And you will show me gratitude for elevating your status as my bitch.”
I squirm as I’m getting very horny, “Yes sir. Of course Sir.”
“Now get the lube and ride me. I’m comfortable and don’t want to get up.”
“Yes sir, of course Sir. May I clean you with a warm washcloth before hand?”
A pleased smug looks crosses his face. “You may. I would enjoy that. My cum is all dried on from the last time I put it up you.”
“Should I offer a plug so it stays in this time?”
“What a smart considerate bitch! Gosh, I wish there were more boys like you.”
“I don’t,” I say under my breath.
He hears me anyway and raises an eyebrow. “Why not?”
“Cause then I’d have to compete with them for you.”
An honest look of fondness crosses his face. “What a lovely thing to say about someone. You definitely factor into the it’s-good-to-be-me mentality now, for sure.”
I blush and feel warm all over. God I love his attention! Every, sticky, sweet, sexy, drop.

Captions are fictional.


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