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@insertpupname and I having a play…

“So, Jovy, remember my friend Takashi from college?”
Jovy nods.
“This is his pup. Kuro. He’s going to be staying with us for a few days while his
Master is out of town for a business trip. I know he’s a little
different than American pups you’ve met before – he’s a Japanese breed, so he’s a
little smaller than you. Don’t worry though, he may seem reserved but
once he warms up to you he’ll wrestle you until you’re both exhausted.
Go on. Say hello now.”
Jovy instantly loves the mask and wants to make a new friend. He gives Kuro a sniff – a long sniff, cause he had an interesting earthy smell- then he offers a deep “woof!” as a cheerful greeting.
Kuro pops up on all fours, and responds, “Wan!”
Jovy’s so surprised by this that he sits back on his haunches and stares. 
“What?” I ask. “What is it?”
Jovy looks at me, then back at Kuro.
“WOOF!” he says, slow and insistent.
Kuro looks at Jovy expectantly.
“Arf!” Jovy tries again.
“Wan?” Kuro says with a tilt of his head.
Jovy looks at me again, as if it say – ‘some help here?’.
I chuckle. “What? Did it never occur to you that dogs make different noises in different countries?”
Jovy stares at me, blinking under his mask. He shakes his head, bewildered.
I swallow my laughter, cause this is precious. “Well, that’s how they say hello in Japan.”
“Won?” Jovy tries.
“Wan wan!” Kuro barks, tail wagging.
“Wan!” Jovy repeats.
“There you go!” I say, giving Jovy a scratch on his neck. “Good boy. It’s nice to make a friend huh. Why don’t you show him where the toys are kept?”
“Woof woof wan wan!” Jovy responds. He bumps Kuro with his head, and then they trot off together.
I smile. “Can’t wait to tell Takashi about how well they’re getting along.”

Captions are fictional. Adorable boys!


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