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butt grabbing is very important in a relationship


He’s watching Netflix on his tablet, on his belly. You’re reading the Wall Street Journal, propped up on pillows. Lazy Sunday morning in bed. Your eye drifts up to those tempting curves wrapped in grey cotton. They have shape now. They didn’t used to. Moving into a condo unit with a gym on the ground floor has been paying off. You decide your boy needs to know you’ve noticed. You lean forward a little to take a drink of water, just so it looks like you have an excuse to be moving. You set the water down, pick up your paper with your left hand, then reach over with your right and squeeze that firm meat. The boy’s ass tenses under your hand, and he looks over his shoulder at you. He raises an eyebrow. “Hey,” he says.
You give him a smirk and lean back with your paper. “Hay is for horses,” you reply, adjusting your glasses and turning the page.
He shakes his head and goes back to his Netflix special. Ten minutes later, a hand reaches up and squeezes your bicep. You glance over at his grip, then flex. He squeezes hard and rubs it, trying to hide a smile and look forward at the same time.

God he’s just the most precious thing. You bend to the side and kiss his fingers. That makes him look up at you.
“Hi,” you mouth, knowing he can’t hear you with the earbuds in.
He pops them out anyway. “What are you doing teasing me like that?”
“I can’t help it,” you say, “You make me want to kiss you.”
“Oh really? Cause if there’s kissing happening I want in on that…”
“Oh really?” you reply, mimicking him a little. You bend over the same time he pushes himself up and you meet for an awkward kiss that has you bumping noses and giggling.
“That’s not working,” he notes.
“It’s really not,” you reply, setting the paper aside and pushing his lifted shoulder down so he naturally rolls on his back. You set his tablet aside, pausing to pause it, and swing your leg over so you’re straddling his form. You have his attention now, eyes alert and glittering. You gather his hands and pin them into a pillow. He licks his lips like he’s nervous and you bend over and claim his mouth properly in a deep kiss. A groan percolates in his throat. Suddenly you can’t remember what that article was about, and you feel pretty stupid for reading that the whole time you could have been doing this. When was the last time you made out like teenagers again?

Captions are fictional. Source is @maxxie1129.


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