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Eric slows down from jogging speed when he spots his pup that had bolted earlier to chase a bird. He sighs. His pup is rolling around in the lake shoreline, getting wet and dirty. When he sees his Master, the pup rolls onto his belly and looks up at Eric sheepishly.
“And here I was, thinking it’d be too cold for you to make a mess today.”
“Bark,” his pup says, in apology.
Eric nudges the boy’s gorgeous ass with the tip of his boot. “So dirty! I’m gonna have to wash you in the kiddy pool in the driveway again!”
The pup wiggles around and tried to gnaw on the shoe.
“Ack!” Eric exclaims. “No, those are my good boots!”
Just then, a crab skitters across the stones. The pup whips around and barks at it before it vanishes, then begins to dig maniacally in the sand to find it.
Eric chuckles. “Well at least you’re having fun and getting your energy out.” When his boy begins to whimper at losing the crab, Eric distracts him with a big stick to fetch and retrieve.

This will definitely fix the problems Eric’s been having with the boy’s irritability and chewing on things. And he’s correct. The pup sleeps the whole way home. He needs the energy to hump things and beg for cuddles later of course.

Captions are fictional.


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