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Marcus sighed. “God, this is why I’ve gained weight since having a houseboy.”
His boy Shawn jumped, not knowing Marcus was behind him. He was too busy concentrating on glazing the buns for the party this evening. “Oh!”
Marcus grinned. “Oh look at that. You got some glaze on your arm there. It looks so pretty against your dark skin. No no, don’t grab a napkin. I’ll lick that up for you. Why don’t you get some on your fingers too, and you know, anywhere else you feel like?”
Shawn raised an eyebrow. “Oh ho, you are in a mood, sir.”
“Hey,” Marcus insisted. “The word porn is in phrase ‘foodporn’ for a reason. Or we can invent a reason.” He guided Shawn’s fingertips to his lips and licked them. Shawn couldn’t argue with that.

Captions are fictional.