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Birdie glanced outside the slat window. “Oh look, the chickadees are back at the bird feeder. That must mean…yep, the doves are under it, picking up the mess. It looks like the squirrels are keeping their distance. The proofing thing we rigged worked. Aw, they’re so cute and fat. Probably starving in all this cold. Hm, I wonder what those birds are? Warblers maybe? Purple martins? Probably just a type of finch. Wonder if we’ll see the cardinal pair from last year this winter. Gosh, they’re just so fun to watch. Nom nom nom! What do you think Sir?” 
When there wasn’t a reply, BIrdie glanced over his shoulder at his strong, swarthy Sir who was giving him the most unreadable, distant expression.
“Sir?” Birdie asked again. “Is everything alright?”
“I love you.”
BIrdie gasped softly. ‘Sir?” he squeaked.
Morgan’s cheeks turned ruddy under the close-cropped dark scruff of his beard. “I’m sorry, that just slipped out.”
“Did…did you mean it Sir?”
Morgan covered his face with his hand. “I … Yes. I do, Birdie. I was just sitting here, staring at beautiful sight of the back of you and I realized the reason I stopped chasing boyfriends so long ago is that I’m in love with you. I made these excuses to myself – that I was distracted, that I was busy with work, that our sex was holding me over, but I just….I just realized it. That butt is mine, and what it’s attached to, I want it to be mine forever.”

Birdie’s eyes went wide. His delicate hand was hovering over his mouth. “Morgan – I mean, Sir I – I – …I’m speechless.”
“Shit. I’m sorry. I have breached our relationship. You are my houseboy. I have been inappropriate with you.” Sir began to get up. “I’m going out.”
“No no!” Birdie cried, walking over to his Sir and taking his hand in his. “I’m really happy you told me. Oh gosh, can’t you feel that I’m shaking? I’m the luckiest houseboy in the world.  A great job, a great life, and my deepest fantasy realized! It’s like Christmas has come early.”
Morgan blinked and choked. “Really..? You feel the same?”
“If not more. You’re my favorite man in the world,” Birdie admitted. “Oh gosh, I’m going to get emotional.”
Morgan chuckled to hide how flattered he was, and kissed his boy on the forehead. “Then get emotional. Get emotional for us if you want.”
“For both of us? …but Sir, your eyes are tearing up.”
“Oh come on Birdie, let an old man keep some of his dignity.”
Birdie giggled and nuzzled Morgan. “I love you too.”

They shared a kiss on the lips. Morgan glanced over Birdie’s shoulder. “Hey, the cardinal couple is back.”
“What? Really?”
Morgan pulled Birdie to the window, and they held hands as they watched the little creatures feast.

Text is fictional.


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