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“Welcome home Da–mmmmhhh,” Lars melts into a kiss. “Hi Bretty. You taste like chocolate. I missed you so much today.”
“Me too. Been thinking of you all day Lars.”
“Have you?” he asks, batting his lashes. “You missed me too?”
Brett answered by pressing more fierce kisses to Lars’ mouth, plundering him, and leaving him breathless. Brett’s hands soon moved from Lars’ waist to his front and begin to unbutton his pants.
“Oh Daddy’s in a mood isn’t h-mmmphh – oh I love it when you use your tongue~ ah!”
Brett spun Lars around and bent him over the counter top. No time was wasted pulling down his pants until his cock spilled out and his pussy was bare. “Brett!” he cried. 
Brett fumbled in a drawer for lube, but couldn’t find a condom. Fuck it. No time. He slapped a little on, and grabbed tight onto Lars’ hips. “You’re going to let me in right?”
Lars didn’t even get the ‘s’ out in ‘yes’. Brett pushed into his lover in one swift move, making the boy cry out and clamp down tight around him. It gave Brett veritgo – god he loved it when Lars pulled him in! 

“Yeah that’s it, oh god yeah that’s it. Fuck I’ve been wanting your pussy all day, just wanted to see you take me, boy,” Bretty growled. “No – down. Stay down. No touching. Arms on the counter. That’s it.“
Lars obeyed. His body moved independently from his brain. When the angle changed, Brett slid in even deeper. Brett moaned as his pulasting cock was fully enveloped and Lars whimpered as Daddy relentlessly took his ass.. Strong hands cupped Lars’ pecs and squeezed. Lars began to moan as loud as Brett when the fabric of his shirt rubbed against his sensitive nipples. 

Then, when it couldn’t get any better, Brett’s paw-sized hands sought Lars’ cock and began to stroke. All of Lars’ bones just turned to wax. His head drooped. “Oh Daddy! Oh god..Daddy – just- ah fuck feels so good!”
“Not as good as you feel to me,” Brett cooed. “That’s it. Push back on me. Damn you are such a good slut for me. Daddy likes his good slut.”
:I’m your slut Daddy, forever Daddy – my pussy loves you.”
“The feeling is mutual,” Brett snickered. He wrapped his arms around his boy’s thin waist. “It’s coming…it’s coming!-…aaaahh, there – there it is! Fuck!” Brett slammed into Lars like a freight train chugging with a hot engine. He bit his lip so hard it drew blood, and exploded into his boy’s body. Lars knew to let Daddy come first, and he was not far behind. When fingers teased his cockhead his knees trembled and cum gushed from his cock. 
“Daddy!” he squeaked. “Fuuuuuuuuuuck!” Lars’ feet cramped from how tight he was curling his toes. “Ohhh Daddy~”

And then it was over. They stilled, panting, connected. The scent of pheromones and sex and cum floated around them. Brett took a moment to enjoy feeling human again and ran his hands over Lars’ body, appreciating him. 
“Now that’s how Daddy likes to be welcomed home.”
“Mmnn,” Lars responded, pressing his forehead to the countertop, feeling like he was only standing because Brett was holding him up. “The feeling is mutual.”

Text is fictional. Full video here! I love it when Tumblr users source their shit.


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