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“That was some good sex,” Amal says, exhaling.
“I’m surprised you can move,” I say, my voice tinged with admiration.
“I’m not moving for a while. Just going to enjoy this afterglow.”
“And you thought sex with a man wasn’t going to be as good as with a woman.”
Amal turns his head at me. “It wasn’t that. I was scared it was going to be better.”
I blinked. “Really?”
“And was it?”
“Yep,” he sighs, “Way better. The way I felt pounding your ass, man…being able to just let go. Just…fuck.” Amal takes another drag.
“Sorry,” I reply, smiling.
“No you’re not.”
“Absolutely not. When can we do it again?”
Amal chuckles. “When we can both move again.”
“Mmn. Give me twenty minutes. I’ll ride you,” I offer.
“Jesus christ, you’re going to make me into a chain smoker.”
That makes me laugh. I never thought corrupting a man could be so fun. Life could be so unexpectedly wonderful sometimes.

Text is fictional. This is Ranveer Singh.


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