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So once again, I have to gush about my oldest friend in the world (the amazing Mr. Alexander Burton) and how amazing he is.  Still haven’t gotten used to the fact that he is actually being paid to dance with Ballet BC, and I will never get used to how stunning he is.  This guy has worked so freaking hard to get to where he is today.  He’s got a show coming up this weekend (March 8th 2012) …any peeps in Vancouver, y’all should check it out.  He’s a star, and I’m so so so glad that I have this guy in my life.  I’ve been so lucky to watch him grow as a dancer and as a person…and that I’ve had him in all but the first 3 days of my life is just amazing to me.  

Photos by 

Joe McNally

I haven’t done a ‘late nigh ballet reblog’ in a while. So here’s ten photos of of Alexander enraptured by the freedom dance has given him to express himself.


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