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Marcus pretended the act of unbuttoning his jeans was much more involved than it actually was. He was nervous though, eyes flicking up and down at the man watching him intently.

“Come on shy boy. Open up.”

Marcus chewed on his lower lip and oh so slowly unzipped his jeans and parted the flaps to show off his flaccid cock for his suitor. He knew what the man would say and he just wanted to savor the moment of the potential before the rejection, but the man was impatient today.

The man said a soft “yes, that’s it,” under his breath. Damien took a moment to admire the shy cock trying to curl back under its owner. A thick main vein ran down the topside of the shaft, no doubt there to pump it full of blood and double its size when hard. Damien reached for Marcus’s cock like he owned it, hefting it in his hand and testing the girth with his fingers. It wasn’t at all sexual, it was like being graded for its quality of meat.

“It’s too big isn’t it…?”
“What?” Damian tilted his head, “No, it’s fine. I can absolutely fit it into a chastity device. By this evening, if you desire. I can have you locked up and safe and you can sleep tonight knowing you have been properly put into your place, just like you always wanted.”

Marcus’s jaw dropped. “What? Really? You’re serious. No one else has said that before!”
The man barked out a laugh. “Amateurs. You did the right thing by coming to me. A lot of boys don’t even know why they’re so miserable and have to be locked up forcefully before the clarity comes. You were smart, and figured it out early. That deserves special recognition.”
“Cause – cause, a locked boy is a happy boy,” Marcus blurted out the slogan he’d seen on the internet.
“Yes,” the man exhaled, looking pleased. “What was your name, Marcus?”
He nods, eagerly. “Yes sir.”
“You are a breath of fresh air Marcus. So wonderful to see a boy seeking a man out, instead of the other way around.”

Marcus beamed, a bit pink in the cheeks. “Thank – thank you sir. I just …I just want to be happy. I’m not happy. I still masturbate way too much, people keep assuming I’m a top, and feel so lost at bars. I don’t know who is safe, who is bad. I just need, really, really need guidance, but it’s so distracting having my cock just flopping around in my pants.”
Damian ruffled his hair and rebuttoned Marcus’s pants. “There there, it’s alright. No need to get emotional now. I’m going to fix this. I’m going to get you locked up, and I’ll make sure you get milked when it’s good for you, not when society flashes a sexy image you.”
“God, thank you Sir, thank you so much. I need this so bad…”

“You need a superior man to guide you, I understand,” Damian said, patting the bulge in Marcus’s jeans. “Come over tonight at 7. I’ll make dinner, then we can get you cleaned and secure and you can spend the night in case you’re uncomfortable and need adjustments.”
“Is it really gonna be uncomfortable?”
“It shouldn’t be no. It should be snug, to keep your dick small and your hard-ons restricted but sometimes the ring is too tight or your balls tingle because of pinched nerves. Eager boys with bad training often get erections because chastity devices make their dick hard. It can be scary the first time you try to get hard and can’t. I want to be there to reassure you.”
Marcus nodded, wide eyes locked on Damian. “7 tonight, Sir?”
“Yes. I have to prepare your room. I’ll text you my address. Go home and wrap up whatever you need to do today. Oh, and no masturbating.”
“Yes sir, wouldn’t even think of it. Thank you very much, Master Damien.”

Marcus wanted to kneel and kiss his feet, but they weren’t in that kind of relationship yet. He gave a polite handshake and ran back to his car, trying to control his beating heart. It was really happening. No one took him seriously when he wanted to do the impossible – control his sex drive – but Marcus knew better. He knew that not all men are created equal, and that the road to contentment is embracing your place in the hierarchy. He’d known that since he first saw a man and wanted to be dominated by him. Damian was going to be his keyholder to happiness. He checked his watch three times on the way home…7 couldn’t come fast enough.

Text is fictional.


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