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Enjoying one more round of carefree sex before our lives change forever. One more Sunday wasted indoors, tangled in each-other’s limbs, twisted up in stained sheets, kissing each other like we’re starved for love. One more day with no responsibilities or cares in the world, but when the next orgasm is coming. I crave the wonderful warmth of his cock pressed against mine, his blood throbbing in his veins, the taste of his skin. I get high off his laugh, his smile.

Tomorrow, we bring the baby home from the hospital. We stop being Jake and Evan and start being Papa and Daddy to a little girl whose family cannot take care of her. The first Monday of the rest of our lives. 18 years, at least, with another body in this house needing our attention. Having a baby will strain our relationship and push us to the brink of frustration, but I know when that happens I’ll remember this Sunday and how much I fuckin’ love him and everything will be alright.

Text is fictional.


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