Big scheduling adjustment for April

Hello everyone. I have some more news that is completely not related to next publication.

I just got a temp job working two major music festivals this month. That means I am going to be gone pretty much Thursday through Monday for the next three weekends, including this upcoming one. We are highly discouraged from bring laptops becaue of theft, although I might bring my old one that is quite literally dying just for you guys. Not sure if it can handle it. Writing long captions on my phone is really quite difficult. I will also auto queue some things, but if I am absent often this month, this is why.

The good news is that I was able to quit my restaurant job with my disrespectful manager whom I think is a robot. Bad news is that I’ll be unemployed come May but damn April is gonna be fun! Music and cock stories, aw yis.

Please don’t abandon me while I’m out working my ass off! Love you all.


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