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Reggie was responding to a work e-mail and letting his body dry off after a shower when a young man sat next to him. He was a little startled when the man put a hand on his knee, reached over, and leaned in his ear. “Can I sit on the floor in front of you?” he whispered. Reggie’s instinct was to brush hm off – how dare someone touch him without permission? But the tone of his voice made Reggie change his mind. “Fine, but no teeth.”
“Of course not,” the man said. He slid to the floor at Reggie’s feet and pushed the towel aside. He was wearing compression leggings and shorts, and nothing else. The young man put a hand on Reggie’s thigh and used his other to stroke and guide Reggie’s cock to his lips.
“Mmnf. Good boy,” Reggie murmured in approval. He stroked the young man’s hair while he checked his social media, but soon he found things a bit too distracting and set down his phone. “My goodness,” Reggie breathed. Instead of rushing him to orgasm, this boy was focusing on keeping him hard and wanting. This was definitely not this young man’s first time hunting in a locker room for what he wanted. Reggie put his palms back on the bench and tilted his head back, not giving a shit who saw them enforcing he natural order of a man’s locker room.

Captions are fictional.


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