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You’re both a decade too old to be fooling around in the woods, discovering each-other. But on this trip to the National Park you’ve made an unexpected friend – a friend like you. A friend who looks at you the same way a woman does.

He’s now bare in front of you with the most beautiful penis you’ve ever seen, curved like an archer’s bow. You’re desperate to touch it, but also scared. Your hands are trembling. The kisses are distracting you enough to prevent you from panicking and running away. His lips are so soft. You put your hands on his shorts. So close. Close enough to feel the heat coming off of him. You want to touch, but you’re just so scared.
He reaches down and brings your hands to his cock. You gasp. He breaks the kiss and looks at you. “Was that wrong?”
“No no it’s…it’s …” You glance down in disbelief that you are actually touching him. You run his shaft along the palm of your hand in an exploratory way. “It’s good. Very good. This is nice.”
He smiles and moves to kiss you again. “Good. Please don’t stop.”
You curl your fingers around his cock. He arches into your hand. The feeling of that makes your head spin. A surge of want courses through you and the chatter and noise of the forest melts away. You push him down to the grass and stroke him with purpose. He moans out in pleasure and wraps his arms around you. Blood pounds in your ears. Yes, yes! This is right.
Captions are fictional.


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