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It’s jock strap Thursday 😁

Brent picked up his phone and read the text message from Donovan: “Hey are you still home?
He wrote back: “Yeah why?”
There was a knock at the door. Brent jumped.
“Hi lol.” Came another text.
Brent walked to the front door and opened it. “Donovan, what are you doing here?”
Donovan grabbed Brent’s shirt. “I need you to fuck me please. I am begging you.”
Brent scoffed. “Woah calm down there. Did you take a viagra or something?”
“No I got a new vibrator and I’ve been playing myself all morning, but it’s not taking the edge off. I need you to fuck me like how you do. You know. Hard. Right into the bed. I need to cum like that.” Donovan whimpered.
Brent decided it was a good idea to let Donovan into the house.
“I’m already lubed and stretched, just for the love of god please.” Donovan cupped Brent’s bulge. “Please?”
“Donovan it’s barely 1 in the afternoon.”
“Your point?”
Brent chuckled. “Guess you woke up on the horny side of the bed. Well I most certainty want to pound your ass into oblivion, but-”
“Nooo not ‘but!”
But my friend Raj is coming over to work on some music. And he has six thick inches buried in dark curls. If you can be a patient boy, you can get wrecked by two cocks, how do you feel about that?”
Donovan whimpered again. “I – I would like that,” he whispered.
“Good.” Brent clapped him on the back. “I think I’ll tie you to the bed while wait.”
Donovan went along willingly and once in the bedroom, began to take off his shorts as he went. Brent glanced at him. “Oh you wore the jockstrap. Leave that on – that’ll make Raj completely crazy.”

Brent lay on the bed, watching Donovan take ropes out of the closet while talking to Raj on the phone. When he hung up, Brent smirked at Donovan.
“He is excited to meet you. And he wants you tied to the bed with a vibrator up your ass. So let’s get to work.”
Goosebumps broke out over Donovan’s body. He had a feeling he was going to like this stranger a lot.
Captions are fictional.


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