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“Christ in heaven, is it morning already?”
“Yes it is.” Frank said. He was standing at the foot of the bed.
“It can’t be morning already,” Donovan protested. “We weren’t up that late were we?”
“We went to bed at like 2 am,” Frank answered.
He stretched and let out a groan as his neck cracked. “Ah, theeeere it is.”
Donovan made of complaint into the pillow. “We should have just had a quickie.”
“Well, that was the plan. A little hand to hand action,
if I recall correctly. I’m not bothered being a little bit tired, we ended up having a lot of fun.”
“It was fun,” Donovan admitted. He curled up into a loose ball. “Your bed is illegally comfortable.”
Frank’s eyes roamed over Donovan’s body. “And you look illegally good in it. You have such a solid body, and such a big ass. I’m starting to see why I got so carried away, last night – you really excite me.”
Donovan lifted his arm and looked at Frank. “Well, that’s flattering. Are you trying to apologize for the insufficient sleep I got?”
“Maybe. Is it working?”
“…Yes,” Donovan grunted. He put his arm back down.
Frank snickered. “Come on big boy, get up. If not you’ll sleep till noon.”
“I think you need to come back into this bed and snuggle with me.”
“As much I want to be pressed against you, when I’m up, I’m up. And hungry,” Frank said.
Donovan rolled over on his back and let his knees fall to the side. “Does this change your mind?”
Frank stared. “I think I know how to wake you up.”
“Oh? How?”
Frank crawled back onto the bed and ran his tongue up the shaft of Donovan’s penis.
Donovan made a low purring noise in the back of his throat.
“If I give you a blowjob, will get you up after?” Frank asked.
“Fuck. Fine. But I reserve the right to take an afternoon nap later without you nagging me about being lazy.”
Frank lowered his head and got to work, but he was smiling the whole time. It felt like it was supposed to be a compromise, but Frank knew he was coming out the winner in this.
Captions are fictional.


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