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“Let me ask you a question, boy.”
Matty turns to look at the muscular man leaning against the counter. “Yes?”
“If you turned that bottle upside, you think you could fit it inside of you?”
Matty straightens up. “Well, that’s a hell of a question.”
He sneers. “I’m just asking, cause if you can, then I know you’ll be able to take me.” He grips his crotch for emphasis.
Matty rolls his eyes. He finishes his bottle and sets it down on the bar. “I’d say take it first and let me know, but I’m guess you already can, cause you’re clearly full of yourself.” He walks away, and can hear the man’s friends groaning and laughing behind him.

Matty spots a familiar face across the bar who coaxes him over with a crooked finger.
“Hey Matty.”
“Hey Dan.” Matty sits sideways on his lap. He was a bigger guy, in his 60s, so there was more than enough room for a twink to fit.
Dan caresses Matty’s thigh with his hand. “Did you make yourself an enemy over there?”
“Maybe. No one understands that I’m a slut, not a whore,” Matty pouts.
Dan chuckles. “There’s a level of finesse there that meatheads will never understands.”
Matty sighs. “I can’t imagine what women have to deal with.”
“The fact they don’t kill more men is something we don’t appreciate as a society.”
Matty giggles. “Wasn’t that the premise of your last book?”
“Oh you did read it?”
“Of course I did. The politics were a little confusing, but the action was good.”
“I’m pleased to hear that. I’m writing the sequel right now.”
“Ooooo. Insider knowledge. Let me know if you want a proofreader.”
Dan takes a sip of his beer. “That’s kind of you to offer. Rick gets first read, but I always need more eyes.”
“Is he coming to visit soon?” Matty inquires. While Dan lives down in Mexico full time, Rick isn’t retired yet and still has a life in California.
“In two weeks. Can’t wait,” Dan sighs. “Miss him more every time he leaves.”
“It’ll be even more sweet when he stays.”
Dan smiles. “You are such a beam of sunlight. Say, look over there, a lost looking soul just walked in. You should go greet him. You’re basically the mascot of this place anyhow”
Matty glances over. “Oh he’s hot. And you’re sweet for saying that.” Matty gives Dan a peck on his scruffy check; Dan gives him a pat on the ass and he wiggles off to go greet him.

Matt sashays up to the stranger. He reads him immediately – 30s, American, white collar. “Hola.”
“Woah. Uh, hola.” 
“Just letting you know, this is a kind of bar where you’re not going to find latinas, if that’s what you’re looking for?”
The man coughs up a laugh. “No, I’m not. I’m down here with some friends on vacation, and I need to be with my people for a bit. The straights are killing me.”
Matt giggles into his hand. “Well you found us. Let me walk you to the bar. Names Matty.”
“I would be honored. Name’s George. God, you have quite an ass on you.”
“My pride and joy. Nice to meet you.” Matt slides his arm around George and walks him to the bar.
They order a round and after a bit of chatting, the stranger considers Matty. “Are you available to take to go?”
Matty laughs.
“Normally I’m not so forth-coming, but I am in desperate need of some company.”
“No, it’s fine. That’s a good one actually. Here’s the secret – all you have to do is be nice to me, and this thong comes right off.”
George leans over and whispers into Matty’s ear. “Why don’t you leave it on and let me pull it to the side with my teeth?”
Matty blushes and breaks out in goosebumps. “Well, that’s a hell of a question.”

Captions are fictional.


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