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You can only tell your boy so many times that the reason he’s frustrated during sex is because he keeps jerking off like a madman and cumming before you get halfway finished, and that’s why your cock stops feeling like magic inside of him. You were starting to feel like a broken record scolding him for masturbating, cause he never stops once he starts, and frankly you weren’t particularly keen on bringing shouting matches into your lovemaking.

So you told your boy to “just humor you this once” by not jerking at all, and instead, to just hold his cock and balls out of the way so he can focus on the slow build of toward ecstasy as you work his hole and prostate. He has to give you time to create that magic, dammit. It takes time to make that smile appear on this face.

He has absolutely no idea you’re planning to lock his cock up after this nonsense, but you can’t jump to that point without ending up in a shouting match either. It takes time. Eventually he’ll arrive at the same conclusion as you, that sex will just be better if he keeps his hands off his cock. And once you agree on that logical train of thought, that’s when you’ll bring in the sleeve and the lock. He won’t have much ground to stand on in terms of protesting, and if he pushes back…well, you’ll ask him to “just humor you this once”. Of course, it won’t entirely be a suggestion. Daddy always knows what‘s best for his boy.

Captions are fictional.


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