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Cade pushed his hand against Tyler’s and entwined their fingers together.
“How long do you think it’s going to take for them to notice we got engaged?”
“Hmm. My dad won’t notice at all. We could replace the sofa and he wouldn’t notice until he sat on it. My mom will probably notice when I hand her something, and will demand to know how long I’ve been wearing it. Then she’ll get angry I didn’t tell her sooner, and then she’ll start crying out of joy.”
Cade chuffed air through his nose. “That was oddly specific.”
“Well that’s what happened when my sister got engaged,” Tyler explained. “So I expect it’ll be similar. Maybe she’ll spot it sooner though; Mom’s been asking if we’ve been thinking about it, considering how long we’ve been together.”
“What did you tell her?” Cade asked.
“Well,” Tyler snickered. “When my sister asked me this, kind of snidely actually, I told her the rings we have at home don’t fit on our fingers.”
Cade guffawed. “Good lord, please tell me you didn’t tell your mother that.”
“No, she would be horrified. And I would like to keep being invited to Thanksgiving. I just told her that it’ll be time when it’s time.”

“It’d been time for a while though,” Cade said almost to himself.
“oh? Why didn’t you propose before?”
“Because it was really hard to measure your fingers, because I’m always asleep before you.”
Tyler stopped in the middle of the airport terminal. “That was the reason?”
“Yes! And you always had your hands curled up by your face or under the pillow. You made it really hard!” Cade emphasized this with a pointed finger poking Tyler’s chest.
“I apologize for the inconvenience,” Tyler said dryly.
Cade kissed him on the cheek. “You’re forgiven. I felt like a spy on a mission though. Was kinda fun. And the fact it took a while meant I could propose to you on that overnight hike, which was perfect.”
“Yeah, it was perfect. Couldn’t imagine it any other way. Hey uh what baggage claim are we at again?”

Cade glanced around the baggage terminal. “I have totally forgotten.”
Tyler looked at the digital sign. “According to this, it’s #3?”
”Uhh yeah that’s our flight alright. You know, by this time next year, our boarding passes and luggage tags will have the same last name on them.”
Tyler couldn’t help but grin. “I think we need to get some very expensive and very ugly matching luggage for the honeymoon.”
Cade smirked. “Matching? My love, we’re only going to need one suitcase for our honeymoon.”
“Why?” Tyler furrowed his dark brows.
“Cause we’re going to spend most of the time without wearing clothes.”
Tyler groaned. “Don’t say things like that when we’re going to be stuck in my parent’s house for a week in a room right across from theirs.”
Cade pulled his bag off the carousel. “Oh I thought about that. That’s why I brought the silk scarves, darling, so I could gag you with them.”
Tyler heard the lady behind him gasp at the same time he did, and it set him off in a fit of embarrassed giggles. He almost missed his bag and had to go chase after it.

Captions are fictional.


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